Development Awareness & Management of Natural Resources (DAMAN)

Dignity of a person should be upheld. Contribute towards government and civil society’s efforts in enabling the disadvantaged and backward communities to be healthy, literate, environment conscious politically aware.

Our recent activities

Planning & progress review meetings

DAMAN has developed some mechanism in the organization to review the integreated planning and progress of projects on regular basis for most appropriate and timely implementation of programmes. Planning and progress reviews during the year 2015-16 are as under:

Labours Day Celebration

DAMAN, for showing solidarity with labour, to discuss, appreciate and slam the labour related issues celebrated International Labour Day on 1st May-2016, at Hyderabad and arranged a walk in favour of peasant/labour from Old Campus to Press Club Hyderabad. And to show unity and cohesion with victims of human rights around the world and to condemn inhuman acts, violence, attack and assaulting of innocent humans, a walk on International Human Rights Day was arranged at Nangarparkar and the day was also celebrated at Rasani-Jo-Wandio Nangarparkar on 10th of December-2016. 

Death Anniversary of Amar Rooplo Kolhi celebrated

For making aware the targeted community about the sacrifices and contributions of their heroes and folk-men, DAMAN celebrated the 157th death anniversary of Amar Shaheed Rooplo Kolhi on 22th August-2015, at Nangarpakar, Tharparkar. The activity was organized to pay tribute to the freedom fighter and recalling the chapter history of the era 1859, and to make aware the people of the community about their sacrifices for the homeland and for the community.

Through this event, the targeted community was made aware about history of their hero and realized the value and importance of such celebrities in changing mindset of the future-generations.

About Us

DAMAN is a non-profit; non-political, non-sectarian and purely civil society organization established in 2003. DAMAN is registered under Societies registration act of 1860. It is based in Hyderabad with its activity area mostly focused in Tharparkar, Sindh. DAMAN is a networking member of NED (National Endowment for Democracy), MEHERGARH-center for learning, SPO (Strengthening Participatory Organization)awarded certificate of outstanding NGO of the cluster 2014, AASHA (Alliance against Sexual Harassment at Work Place), Greenacres Associates Islamabad (DAMAN in its network in 2014 and selected as top 50 Champaign NGO of Pakistan), Center for Human Rights Education (CHRE) Lahore, United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization (UNFAO), HCSN (Hyderabad Civil Society Organization Network) and has been working with collaboration of other local NGOs. DAMAN is an independent think-tank and it has been working on bonded labour, education, health and social awareness to strengthen the marginalized and disadvantage population in the province.

The majorities of DAMAN members who have been trained at MEHERGARH leadership summer camp, Greenacres Associate Islamabad, CHRE Lahore, ShirkatGaah Lahore, AASHA and SPO Hyderabad have expertise to deal with societal and bonded labour issues especially they are the available on first call of communities in case of any issue arises oming our communities in Tharparker district of Sindh Pakistan.

We have a core group of seven people, about 30 volunteers in Hyderabad and more than 500 hundred committed volunteers in Nangarparker. In addition we have allies in Mirpurkhas, Chahcro, Badin, TandoAllahyar and various other parts of Sindh with expertise of campaigning, Research and films revirdings etc.

Recently DAMAN has completed a project on Bonded Labour in Tharparkar District, with financial support of NED (National Endowment Fund for Democracry, USA. Currently it is working on a project regarding forced conversion of Religious minorities with partnership of Mehrgarh Islamabad

Besides this DAMAN is working on education, health and social awareness issues in its native project areas of Taluka Nagarpakar, District Tharparkar. DAMAN has a small field office at Nagarparkar. It has a managerial staff having expertise to mobilize people and facilitate the village representatives as well as its school teachers and helping staff.


To see a peaceful and prosperous society


Dignity of a person should be upheld. Contribute towards government and civil society’s efforts in enabling the disadvantaged and backward communities to be healthy, literate, environment conscious, politically aware.


  • To work for Human and Natural Resource Development through grass root level awareness.
  • To work for uplifting the literacy level and education standard in the targeted area.
  • To work for the health services and awareness and environmental development.
  • To promote participatory management.
  • To work for the poverty alleviation.
  • To work for the basic services and linkages established with line agencies for development.

Core Values

  • Respect the human rights, culture and dignity of all people and stockholders it is working with.
  • Believe in tolerance and non-violence.
  • Adopt responsible behavior in all our actions.
  • Commitment to vision and mission.
  • Believe in community empowerment for self reliance.
  • Respect human rights, religious diversity and cultural diversity.
  • Social and gender equality and equity.
  • Priority to the interests of the most vulnerable groups such as women, children, minorities and persons with disabilities.
  • Participatory approaches in all its work and interventions.
  • Promote social justice, peace and love for humanity.
  • Promote tolerance and non-violence.
  • Accountability and Transparency.