Development Awareness & Management of Natural Resources (DAMAN)

Dignity of a person should be upheld. Contribute towards government and civil society’s efforts in enabling the disadvantaged and backward communities to be healthy, literate, environment conscious politically aware.

Our recent activities

Planning & progress review meetings

DAMAN has developed some mechanism in the organization to review the integreated planning and progress of projects on regular basis for most appropriate and timely implementation of programmes. Planning and progress reviews during the year 2015-16 are as under:

Labours Day Celebration

DAMAN, for showing solidarity with labour, to discuss, appreciate and slam the labour related issues celebrated International Labour Day on 1st May-2016, at Hyderabad and arranged a walk in favour of peasant/labour from Old Campus to Press Club Hyderabad. And to show unity and cohesion with victims of human rights around the world and to condemn inhuman acts, violence, attack and assaulting of innocent humans, a walk on International Human Rights Day was arranged at Nangarparkar and the day was also celebrated at Rasani-Jo-Wandio Nangarparkar on 10th of December-2016. 

Death Anniversary of Amar Rooplo Kolhi celebrated

For making aware the targeted community about the sacrifices and contributions of their heroes and folk-men, DAMAN celebrated the 157th death anniversary of Amar Shaheed Rooplo Kolhi on 22th August-2015, at Nangarpakar, Tharparkar. The activity was organized to pay tribute to the freedom fighter and recalling the chapter history of the era 1859, and to make aware the people of the community about their sacrifices for the homeland and for the community.

Through this event, the targeted community was made aware about history of their hero and realized the value and importance of such celebrities in changing mindset of the future-generations.

Emergency Response

When disasters strike we are there as quickly as possible. In emergencies DAMAN delivers more professionally the emergency relief to most needy with respect, dignity and without discrimination. 

DAMAN has over 8 years of experience of working in disasters in Sindh Province of Pakistan. DAMAN has built capacity of local communities through their village organizations to respond effectively in disasters.

With the help of this project DAMAN had conducted survery of the hit areas, conduced 10 trainings on Disaster Management and formed 10 Disaster Management Committees (DMCs) in the villages of Nagarparkar for strengthening/coping mechanisms through building their resiliency power against disasters.


S. No Activities Beneficiaries Quantity Venue
1 Relief distribution 200 Households 1 UC Behrano, Taluka Nagarparkar
2 DRR Trainings 80 2 Field villages.
3 Relief distribution to flood affected 150 HH 1 Mirpurkhas, Badin & Tando Allahyar Dsitricts
4 Relief distribution 700 HH 1 UC Kowara, Taluka Nagarpakar.

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